My Background in Hairstyling

My career as a hairstylist began at the Richmond School of Hairdressing, Vancouver, BC Canada, in 2002. I perform a broad range of services for men, women, and children alike including: custom shaping/haircuts, styling (blow outs, updos/special occasion hair, photo shoots etc), custom extensions, and an expansive array of color services; anything from a full color retouch to a multi color/tonal, multi-dimensional ombre, to a full lowlight or highlight foil, or any combination of the above, in addition to color correction. I am proficient with all types; coarse, fine, thick, dark, light, short, long, curly, wavy, straight, you name it.

I have been doing hair in Belltown for over 10 years, and am so excited for this opportunity to be part of such an awesome, talented and hardworking team of independent contractors at Yuki’s Diffusion. I look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to ensure every person who sits in my chair leaves feeling happy and looking great!

When I’m not in the salon, you’ll likely find me at the dog park with my dog, Dino. Feel free to come say “Hi!”


Lynsay has been my hairdresser for about 6 years now. She’s absolutely fantastic. She really takes her time and makes it an art. She has impeccable knowledge when it comes to which hairstyle is going to work best with which face shape, as well as which colors are the most suitable for someone. She’s also great at the more event guard looks; she braided multi-color yarn “dreads” into my hair for Burning Man a few years back, an boy was not having to deal with my locks in a sandstorm a lifesaver, not to mention, the amount of compliments I received.
Lynsay has also cut my 8 yr old son’s hair for the past two years. She is incredibly patient with him, even though he does not like to sit still for very long at all. She is always able to cut his hair the exact way that he wants it, sometimes with very little to go on in terms of his direction. Really good at asking the right questions to figure out what exactly it is that each individual wants, she does her absolute best to achieve it. If someone is unsure she always has plenty of ideas in order to help each person figure out what’s going to work best for them.
I highly recommend Lynsay as a stylist for everything from kids hair to undoes, cutting, color, or a complete style transformation. You name it, chance are, she can do it!
Elizabeth F, Seattle, WA

My Specialty

I speciallize specifically in hair extention application, in varying length and density. If longer hair isn’t what you’re looking for, additional body and volume can be achieved using extentions as well. I work exclusively with Babe(tm) brand, 100% genuine human hair extentions. I use a method referred to as “i tip”, in which each strand of Babe(tm) hair is individually attatched using a bead and clamp technique, to a strand of hair on the scalp. No braiding, no sewing, no “fusing”, no glue, NO MESS! The absolute best extention method to ensure the integrity of pre existing hair. The high quality of Babe(tm) hair, allows it to be reused up to 2 additional times following initial application. I require a consultation for each new client, so that we can fine tune exactly which shades will work best. A full spectrum of color to choose from, ranging from platinum blonde to jet black, in addition to a variety of creative colors as well. Babe(tm) hair can be combed, brushed, washed, dried, and styled just like and other head of hair on a human head, often times even better! It will look so good that no one will ever guess your new long locks are not your own!

Call Lynsay at: 206 999 8544 to set up your consultation.